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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome to the new millennium!

It's finally happened.  The Hamilton Players have opened the gates and welcomed in the new millennium!  We are on facebook, twitter...and now we even have a blog!  Couple that with our outstanding performance history and we may well be nigh unstoppable! 

A little excessive bravado? Perhaps.  But we are still in the game and going strong, and sometimes that alone is enough to warrant bragging rights.

As it has for so many in our country, the first decade of the new millennium has brought both joy and sorrow.  We have welcomed new actors, patrons, and volunteers into the Hamilton Players family and had to say goodbye to some of the same who were very near and dear to us.  We've survived and lauded the changing of the guard in both the Board of Directors and the administrative staff.  Many of the ambitious and dedicated Players who founded our theater have stepped down to allow other, equally passionate, artistic souls to shine in both leadership and in support roles.  Like a family, the Hamilton Players have weathered the storms brought on by so many wonderful and contradictory personalities and come out on the other side closer, stronger, and more dedicated than ever. 

So right here and right now, the Hamilton Players would like to thank every actor, every volunteer, every employee, every patron...every person who for even one minute was a member of the Hamilton Players family.  For every hour worked, we thank you.  For every dollar donated, we thank you.  For every kind thought, smile, moment of applause, for every conversation, recommendation, and constructive criticism, we thank you.  But most all, for all the love...we thank you.  We couldn't have done it without you!  The Hamilton Players have been your community theater for over 30 years, and we look forward to another 30+ more!