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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Blog, Blog, Bloggidy, Blog (Guest Post)

Hi everyone, my name is Morgan Kellar! The E.D. asked me to be the guest blogger and to tell everyone about my Hamilton Players experience.

I have been an employee at Hamilton Players all throughout high school and while people usually have terribly strange first jobs, I can safely say that I was extremely lucky. My “debut” at the playhouse was through various theater camps once I moved to Hamilton in 4th grade. My first official production was Return to the Forbidden Planet where I played a robot that shot an alien and got into a fist fight (a.k.a. the best role EVER). After that, I talked to the E.D. and became the theater intern which sounded like an elaborate role to me as a 13 year old but basically consisted of organizing and cleaning. After my year-long internship I was offered a part time job! Working at the playhouse has had ups and downs, like anything, but when I look back over my four years in high school, there is nowhere else I’d rather spend so much time.

To give you some background, theater has always been a part of my life. My older cousin used to write short skits that I’d perform with my cousins every holiday. There was thanksgiving in space, cowboys at Christmas, and many more embarrassing memories. Since becoming a Hamilton Player I have performed in Music Man, Into the Woods, Singing in the Rain, and more. I have also participated as an assistant director and stage manager for Pride & Prejudice, Into the Woods, Chicago, and most recently I was the director of Charlotte’s Web! Directing a show at 17 was an incredible experience and I learned so much about theater that I hadn’t thought about before.

It is hard to summarize how much one place means to me. My parents divorced in 8th grade and while both are incredibly supportive I switch houses every week so there isn’t a “permanent” home. I have decided that while I have two homes, I consider the playhouse a third one. I have a new family here, new friendships and new memories. I have learned about teamwork through volunteering, patience in the box office, problem solving during shows, and compassion with my fellow cast/crew. Participating in theater at the Playhouse was one of those moments I know I’ll remember and carry with me all through my life. I hope that students and community members of all ages will continue to participate and support their local theater because Hamilton Players certainly is an organization that embodies inspiration, education, and community.

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